12 Coconuts T-Shirt   (S-M-L-XL = $20.00)  (2X-3X = $28.00)

The 12 Coconuts is located in Kapiolani Park and is a gathering place
for several 12 step groups. AA, NA and Tobacco Anonymous meet there at this
time. OA and even Ala-Non have met there over the years. It can be found by
entering the park, about 100 yards into the park from the beach side of the

2 thoughts on “T-Shirts

  1. Hello Ron,
    I met you at the 12 Coconuts meetings June 23, July 3 and 4 when I was visited Waikiki from Virginia. I enjoyed the meetings and remember your gracious hospitality. My journey continues; I celebrated 3 years of continuous sobriety on July 25, thanks to the grace of God and the fellowship of AA. Blessings for you today and always, Janice

  2. Hi. I was at the 12 Coconuts meeting a couple times when I started sobriety in 1986.

    I got a t-shirt then (a woman whose name I can’t recall made them and they had a big colored drawing on the front) and saw that you are selling t-shirts now. How do I order one? What information do you need?
    Thanks a lot.
    Caroline R.

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