Diamond Head – email for quote

Small Dolphin – email for quote

Mother / Baby Dolphin – email for quote

Hawaiian Islands – email for quote

Large Solid (Flat back) – email for quote

14 thoughts on “Pendants

  1. I would like some quotes on your necklaces , specifically the cross one and AA circle pendent , the diamond head, and the angel one !? They’re all beautiful , thank you

  2. Please send me a quote on the following items: small gold solid, small silver solid, medium gold solid and medium silver solid. Thank you so much!

  3. Aloha Ron, Happy new Year 2015. Hope this note finds you in great health .

    Would like to purchase 2 more of the small solid dime size yellow gold pendants for gifts. please just give me costs . Are you doing pay pal ? or I can send you money order .

    Thanks and maybe will see you in the new year , Hugs Sher

  4. Hello Ron. I am interested in your pendents. Could you send price list for Australian $. I do like the solid. Thank you. Poppy

  5. Ron-Its the old flight attendant for Northwest Airlines from California–Skip West–Can you give me a quote for the solid dime size pendant–And how about the 12 coconuts T-Shirt–A guy that just showed up at one of my meetings MILTON (marine 29 yrs)wearing the large solid medallion and I said hey you know Ron Richey from Hawaii-Best friends right off the bat—Hope all is good with you–I retired from the airlines(stupid mistake) but I keep busy walking these lost souls thru the steps daily–Until we meet again Ron you take care—Skip West

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