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I have been a member of the Happy Hour group in Waikiki for the last 27 years and have been active in that group to this day. My DOS is July 24th 1984 and I have been blessed to have been here in Honolulu for the last 38 years this January.

Visit my person site at: http://melloron.com
Give me a call at: (808) 734-5732

Much Aloha and Mahalo (thanks) for letting me be of service.
Ron Richey

5 thoughts on “About Ron

  1. Hi Ron, I’m visiting from Phoenix and am looking forward to going to the 12 coconuts meeting this Saturday morning, the 19th. I would like to buy some of your items and was wondering if there is a way to meet up with you while I’m on the Island. If not, no worries, I’ll email you an order. My cell # is 602-980-0375. Mahalo!

  2. I have decided to purchase the gold Diamondhead pendant. Can you please email me the cost. I will put it on my Visa card if you will take a credit card. My email is gmajaye@aol.com. my telephone number error is.9282308771 thank you Jay Bellomy

  3. Would like to buy some AA jewlery. We are on the island for 2 days. My name is Martin member of Happy Hour. 530-638-6910

  4. Ron,

    I tried to mail you & 12 coconuts a “thank you” to the po box 10191 & it was returned.
    What is your correct mailing address?

    Thanks Peg
    Fresno, CA

  5. Hello Ron,
    I met you at the 12 Coconuts meetings June 23, July 3 and 4 when I was visited Waikiki from Virginia. I enjoyed the meetings and remember your gracious hospitality. My journey continues; I celebrated 3 years of continuous sobriety on July 25, thanks to the grace of God and the fellowship of AA. Blessings for you today and always, Janice

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